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Meletak 'add to cart' pada blog anda

Zero to (free) shopping cart in sixty minutes
This cycle can feasibly be completed in under an hour; most of the time is spent filling out forms over and over again. PayPal account verification steps may take up to 5 business days, though, but that shouldn't prevent purchases from taking place.

1. Using Blogger, get a blog (and configure it to use your FTP server, if so desired).

2. Using Picasa, create a new Hello account and configure it for the blog.

3. Using PayPal, get a merchant account.

4. Using Picasa and Hello, send a merchandise photo with a short description to BloggerBot.

5. Using PayPal's merchant tools, generate an "add to cart" button for the item.

6. Using Blogger, edit the new post to include a title, a description, and "add to cart" and "view cart" buttons.
Feedback welcomed as to how this performs for y'all out there.. One interesting side effect of this process is that, without any advertising on the site whatsoever, it's a new way to (theoretically, at least) make weblogs profitable.
Note: Many people distinguish weblogs from websites by looking for the series of timestamps that are commonly associated with a series of "posts". If you remove the dates from the main page, others may then choose to say that it is not a weblog. This is up for debate, I suppose; at what level of post-processing and customization does a weblog stop being a weblog?

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review http://my-sweet-haven.blogspot.com/

Saya ingin menampilkan beberapa buah blog shop yang terdapat di internet.http://my-sweet-haven.blogspot.com/ merupakan salah sebuah blog shop yang menggunakan platform blogspot.Blog ini mempunyai ranking yang baik di google dan dimiliki oleh blogger daripada negara jiran Singapura.Boleh dikatakan blogshop amat diminati warga seberang tambak manakala Malaysia masih ketinggalan dari sudut(saya hanya merujuk kepada blog percuma).Blog ini tidaklah secanggih mana dan simple tetapi mampu menarik pelanggan untuk melawat.Anda boleh mencuba membona blog sebegini dan lihat adakah anda mampu menarik pelanggan

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What is blogshop

Credit to hub pages

In recent years, online shopping has become popular in Singapore. About ten years ago only a very small percentage of Internet users did their shopping online. But today, thousands of people have accepted the concept of online store. And lately, there has been an upcoming trend in Singapore online shopping culture known as blog shopping.

To make simple, blog shops are own by individuals who wish to sell items in their blogs.

Characteristic of Blog Shop

The cost involved in setting up a blog shop is usually free or low cost as they can set up their shop using blogspot.com or wordpress.com .

Item sold in a blog shop can range from mass merchanise such as clothes and accessories to less common items such as height increase insole and handmade items. And the beauty is that most of the items sold were either unique or cheaper than what you can find in a retail store.

Unlike online stores, these blog shop owners sell their items mainly based on trust as payments are usually made using Internet banking funds transfer, pay pal or ATM funds transfer. But it is to be said that most blog shops tends to be relatively trustworthy due to word of mouth effect and the amount of time invested to build a site that actually makes money.

Online shopping in Singapore: Blog Shopping tips

Here are some simple guides and tips on blog shop. If you are a true blue online shopper, blog shopping would probably be one of the keywords you might want to google in the future.

Simple tips for blog shopping first timer:

* Make sure that the site by looking out for trustmark such as TrustSG to ensure that the blog is registered with government.
* Search on forums or the blog itself for comments posted by members of public to know more about the store you are going to purchase from.
* When can you expect to receive your item(s)
* Search for blogs that are located in blog shop directories.
* And lastly, to whom you can complain if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

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Apa itu blog shop?

Menurut pengertian saya, blog shop merupakan sebuah blog yang digunakan untuk menjual barang atau perkhidmatan di internet menggunakan medium web log.Sama ada menggunakan platform blog yang berbayar atau percuma...blog tersebut mempunyai fungsi menjual.Saya lebih menekankan kepada penggunaan 'blogspot; kerana ianya percuma dan menjadi pilihan kebanyakkan pengguna di Malaysia.Jika menggunakan blog berbayar seperti wordpress..terdapat widget khusu yang disediakan untuk membuat blog shop seperti e-commerce widget.Tetapi blogspot tidak menyediakan widget tersebut.Justeru pengguna blogspot perlu menggunakan beberapa kaedah tersendiri bagi memastikan blog mereka mempunyai kebolehan untuk menjual barangan kepada pengguna.Di Singapura, blogshop menjadi pilihan pengguna mereka.Memetik post seorang forumers..blogshop: online blog shop leveraging on the free blogger services because it provides an easy way for someone to create/delete posts easily without encountering little/any technical codes.
website: see amazon.com. websites can also host blogshops and blog but most ppl only use it to host blogs. for online shopping sites, there are many free scripts that ppl can install to jump start an online e-commerce site.

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